Delivery and shipping costs

Our delivery invoices are to be paid upon receipt without any deduction within 14 calendar days if not stated differently, using the attached payment form. Please state your exact address, customer’s number and invoice number in order to ensure quicker delivery. The customer will carry the costs of the invoice payment or money transfer as well as the risks of all shipments. Refunds cannot be granted.

Reclamations shall only be acknowledged within 8 calendar days. The customer is asked to inform us about defects of the goods immediately in writing or by telephone. We shall not accept unannounced returns.
The costs of shipping and handling are added to the prices in flat-rate, we reserve the right to choose the appropriate method of shipping. Until full payment is received from the customer, the delivery goods shall remain our property. We reserve the right to deliver per cash-on- delivery especially to customers in default of payment. In the case of default of payment we charge default interest at a rate of 10%.

Consignments on approval are possible, within a grace period of 30 days. We shall only accept prepaid returns from such consignments. We will not take back dirty or damaged returns. In the case that note-publications have to be resorted we charge a handling fee of 20% of the price.